services and fees


As a general naturopathic practitioner, I enjoy seeing a diverse patient population with a wide range of health conditions. Over the years, I have developed special interest and expertise in women’s health care and bio-identical hormone therapy, healthy aging, cancer support, and seniors’ health care.

These are some, but not all, of the conditions I treat:


allergy                                       asthma                                     autoimmune diseases
menopausal symptoms             hormone imbalance                 migraine
skin disorders                           sleep disorder                           osteoporosis
heart disease                            high cholesterol levels             high blood pressure
diabetes                                    overweight and obesity            metabolic disorders           anxiety                                      depression                               stress-related problems   chronic fatigue syndrome         fibromyalgia                             irritable bowel syndrome
digestive disorders                   infection                                    weak immune function
cancer                                      arthritis                                      attention deficit/hyperactivity



clover2At your first visit, we will cover your personal health history, your family history and risk factors, and your current health concerns. When appropriate, a physical exam will be performed and lab tests ordered. Together we will develop an individualized health protocol that might include specific nutritional and lifestyle changes, prescriptions for nutritional and herbal supplements or homeopathic remedies, and a plan for monitoring your progress.

Occasionally, naturopathic medicine will not be appropriate for your health concerns and you will be referred to a different provider. Collaboration and information-sharing with your primary care provider or other health care providers can take place with your consent.



My fee schedule was developed with affordability in the context of Cortes Island in mind. Many people have coverage through extended medical plans, and MSP reimbursement is available for patients who receive Premium Assistance. Accessibility is important to me, and so I offer sliding scale fees to any patient in need. Please contact me if you would like to discuss fees.