articles by Dr. Williams


Here are some of the articles I have written and published through Healthnotes Newswire over the years. Check out the larger Newswire archive using the link to more articles.

Below these are links to some articles I have written for other professional and community resources.


newswire articles:

Probiotic Helps Trim Belly Fat

Avoid Processed Meat and Live Longer

Chocolate: Good Mood Food

Women’s Heart Health: Eat Your Antioxidants

Stressed? Try a Deep Breath—And an Herbal Extract

Watch Daily Glycemic Load for Diabetes Prevention

Herbal Defense Against the Common Cold

Garlic Partners Well with Blood Pressure Medicine

Women’s Blood Vessels Stay Healthy with Turmeric Extract

Potassium Supplement Helps Seniors Build Bone

Chocolate May Prevent Stroke

Garlic Plus CoQ10: Heart Protection for Stressed Men

Olive Oil Keeps Blood Vessels Healthy

Cinnamon: A Spicy Way to Control Blood Sugar

Probiotics Provide Hope for Kids with Allergies

Do Chocolate Eaters Weigh Less?

Slow Brain Aging with a Multivitamin

Multivitamins May Boost Mood

Probiotics Treat High Cholesterol

Wild Blueberry Supports Friendly Intestinal Bacteria 

Mediterranean Diet Protect Everybody

An Integrative Approach for Strengthening Bone

Food Allergies and ADHD

Research Favors Fish Fats for Heart Health

Fish Fats Ease Anxiety

Managing Diabetes? Nuts Can Help

Every Little Bit Helps: Exercise and Heart Health

Yogurt: The Lastest Heart-Healthy Food

Probiotics Help Fight the Common Cold

Healthy Fats for Healthy Gums

Choline: An Essential Nutrient

Bacopa Boosts Memory

Mediterranean Diet After Menopause Prevents Breast Cancer

Soy After Menopause: A Healthy Choice

Safe Summer Grilling: Marinate Meats with Herbs and Spices

Grape Juice and the Aging Brain

Coffee and Tea May Keep Diabetes At Bay

Nuts and Seeds Prevent Heart Disease

Cranberries: Antioxidant Superstars

Ordinary Mushrooms: An Extraordinary Antioxidant Source

Flaxseed’s Healthful Effects

Vegetarian Diet Helps Kids Stay Slim

Ginger: A Spicy Way to Stimulate Healthy Digestion

Saffron Relieves PMS Symptoms

Onions and Garlic Keep the Prostate Healthy

Recipe for a Happy Healthy Old Age


Life Extension Foundation Protocols

Sleep Apnea

Kidney Stones

Oral Health/Periodontal Disease


Diverticular Disease


other professional articles:

Nutritional Support for Osteoporosis

Nutrients & Botanicals for Sleep Improvement

Heartburn Relief

Strengthening and Supporting Adrenal Function

Herbs to Aid Detoxification Through the Liver

Menstrual Cycle Support

Supporting the Immune System in the Winter

Nutrients to Prevent and Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Nutrients to Support the Gastrointestinal Lining


community articles:

Estrogen and Phytoestrogen

‘Tis the Allergy Season

It’s the Terrain! Staying Healthy in the Winter

Summer Sun and Vitamin D

Relax, and Take Care of Your Adrenals